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2.0 Introduction to Identity Design

4.1 Famous Logo Designs Series 

A series of videos covering some well known logos. In each video we learn about the designer and the story behind the logo design. Playlist by Gareth David Studio.

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6.1 Meaning of Colours in Branding 

Colours can help to evoke specific reactions. Discover the meaning of different colours and choose the perfect one for your branding project. Playlist by Zanet.

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8.0 Identity Design: Icons and Pictograms

9.0 Identity Design: Archiving your Brand Assets and Brand Guideline

10.0 Understanding Brand Archetype 

Just as fictional characters are written according to broadly defined paradigms that help us understand their actions, a brand archetype is a way of presenting a brand – its symbology, values, behaviours, messages – as a persona, thus making it more recognisable and relatable to target audiences. Playlist by Awaken Your Brand.

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13.0 Building A Brand by TheFutur 

“Building a Brand” is a series where Blind helps to rebrand Hamilton Family Brewery. You'll see how ideas are shaped and take the form of a new identity system, packaging, messaging, website, and ultimately see the brand launch. Playlist by The Futur.

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14.0 Olympics: Design Focus 

Decades of modern Olympics games can offer great case studies for designers to learn about the thought process behind international branding. Learn about the iconic designs of the Olympic Games in this Design Focus series!

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